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Search Engine Optimization is a combination of techniques used on and for your website to optimize it in a way that it appears high in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) for the search keywords related to your business. This optimization could be technical optimization, content optimization, or CSS (layout) optimization. If your website is well optimized using ethical techniques in the light of search engines algorithms, your site should show up on the first page of Google when searched for the keywords related to your business. This is how you are going to be discovered online and generate regular sales leads through the internet.

Internet is composed of billions of websites and just creating your website will not generate you business, unless it is found by the internet users on Google, Yahoo or Bing while they are searching keywords related to your business. For example, if you are looking for someone to optimize your website in Arabic and you searched "Arabic SEO Services" in Google, you are going to contact the first result (which is SEOTurn BTW) or few other results you found on the first page, this is how online leads are generated and business is developed using the power of SEO without any upfront sales team.

Why Use SEO?

In today's rapidly growing internet world, a large number of professional business owners rely on search engines to promote their products & services. Search engines are the key to how people are finding you on the web through what is called "inbound marketing". Inbound marketing is much more affordable & effective than outbound marketing tactics. Let's take this example; if you want to buy a fancy pair of shoes and you want to narrow your search before deciding where to go and purchase, you can simply Google it, search in Yahoo or Bing. Within few clicks of mouse, you can gather most of the required information to establish a preliminary decision on what to buy and where to go. From a seller perspective, there are tens of thousands professional websites which are showcasing shoes, snickers and other footwear making it a real tough competition to make it to top results in search engines.

As different search engines have their own unique algorithm and search capabilities, SEO techniques vary from one SEO company to another and from one search engine to another. Having said that, the golden rule of thumb of a long term strategy is the unique content - written for a better user experience and NOT for search engines.

With all the internet revolution today, there are a lot of businesses out there which are still not utilizing the power of internet marketing. Companies spend a good chunk of their branding budget on a classy website design and robust hosting service, but when it comes to promoting their business through an SEO services company, they tend to rely on either a cheap SEO company or will give it a "novice" try by themselves. However, practically it's very hard to spend time and budget to do optimization of your website twice. Choosing a well-established professional SEO from the start is key to success of your internet marketing strategy.


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