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SEO for Joomla CMS:

Joomla is the most popular content management or component management system (CMS), which is used by many businesses for their websites. Joomla is an open source software used for dynamic website development. Joomla customization is used by lot of web developers for making powerful online applications and websites.

SEO Turn provides Joomla website development and customization solutions to its customer in order to facilitate the best SEO practices that can match with your Joomla website.  We have experienced development team that can create from basic Joomla template website (including SEO) for small businesses to a fully integrated Joomla portal (including fully dynamic SEF URLs) for your corporate needs. As the portal grows, it becomes difficult to make the URLs SEF (Search Engine Friendly) without using manual input every time you add a new content. Moreover Joomla has the ability to install a huge variety of components, that when installed, are a big challenge for managing your SEO efforts and keeping your site’s URLs dynamic and clean.

Our senior Joomla SEO team has developed components that specifically work well in an integrated Joomla environment to facilitate SEF and SEO of your portal. Even if you plan to change the entire website structure and URL tree, our customized Joomla solution can still take your visitors to the same old page that is indexed in search engines even though you have changed it entirely instead of using 404 redirect to homepage only. This becomes particularly difficult when doing it manual, if you have already few hundred or thousand pages indexed.


Advantages of using Joomla Website Development:

Our expert team can develop a Joomla based website for your business needs that has many added advantages to your business like:

  • Cost Effective: The main objective of Joomla website development is to provide affordable web presence solutions to customers. It is free of cost, and you can easily download it from the internet. However, the best way is to hire a specialized Joomla expert who is aware of Joomla customization and component management.
  • CMS Ready: Joomla websites are CMS (Content Management System) websites. With a little training, you can manage your own content regularly, you can write, edit, and add certain contents by yourself or by your office secretary/admin without hiring a full time web-developer or outsourcing it to a company.
  • Component Development: The best thing in Joomla website development is the ability of component development & integration, which can be used in various websites for making websites more powerful, automated and user friendly.
  • Convenience of use: Previously, making website was considered a difficult task. With the advent of powerful Joomla CMS and with plenty of available Joomla templates and website development tools, you no longer have to be a techy to develop (or maintain) your website. All you need is the right use of Joomla add-ons and components. You can also enjoy Joomla customization by using Joomla templates. Templates are CMS based sting of files that are used for the organization of website’s presentation. You can go through the different templates and experience the power of Joomla website development.
  • Help and Support: Continuous support and help can be utilized if you are experiencing any problems while using the Joomla platform. Joomla community support is the feature which can help you in case of any problem and comes handy if you need a quick answer to your problem in a Joomla based website.

SEO Turn is specialized in providing Joomla customization and component development at very affordable rates. We have a great deal of experience in working for SEO of Joomla websites and Joomla website development, and we do provide high quality services to match the needs of our valued customers. You can experience the benefits of superior web development tools by making a right choice.


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