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SEO Design & Development:

At SEO Turn, we design & develop website that are compliant with SEO guidelines and are search engine friendly. Designing and developing a website is not as simple as it looks because it needs professionalism in choosing the structure of each link in your website like:

  • Content: The format of content and headings are the basic elements in your SEO plan and have a great effect on search engines in crawling & indexing your website.
  • Menus: A good navigation system leads to high sales and high conversion rate. We make sure that site users don’t find any problem finding basic information as well as deep pages in your site.
  • Sidebars: Should I have one or two sidebars? And what should be added in my sidebar? It differs from one business to another and in some cases you don't need to have a sidebar.
  • Images: Your images effect at least 30% of your website speed and all of images must be optimized to help your website load faster.
  • Videos: All videos must have a specific format and must be linked to social multimedia websites as it effects your traffic at least 20%.
  • Applications: What applications should I have and what are the appropriate places in the website where these applications need to be added?
  • Headers & Footers: Is it important to have an optimized header and footer? No doubt, it's very important for both search engines and your visitors as it controls your navigation system.
  • Banners: Very important to attract visitors of your website with a simple advert that will lead them to the most wanted page.
  • CSS & Colors: 30% of the websites don't have right CSS and have non-coordinated colors that make users feel uncomfortable and result in leaving the website quickly. Design harmony reaches the user aesthetic sense and helps him generating potential lead and/or recommendations to your website.
  • Programming Language: It doesn't matter which programming language you are going to use because it will not be observed by the end user and also it doesn't matter with search engines if you are applying the right standards with any language for your programming needs.
  • Domain: A domain name has its effect more in your viral marketing than in search engines.  It both helps saving in bookmark sites and clients minds.


SEO Turn helps you to develop a design based on SEO rules and standard marketing practice, all merged in one service provided by us.  A complete package including the SEO campaign that will show you the difference between what you were going to do and what we have done for you…

It's time to have a valuable website that holds your brand and generates automated sales for you without continuous development and without recruiting:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Editors
  • E-Marketing
  • Webmasters
  • Administrators

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