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SEO Consulting Services:

You may have a lot of traffic but less conversion rate, you may have a well optimized website but not in the top 10 ranks, you may have a website ranked in the top ten and suddenly vanished from search engines, you may have a website and wondering from where to start your long journey to take a right place in search engine.
SEO Turn consultants summarize the answers of all your questions like:

  • Which keyword is appropriate?
  • How will you start the onsite optimization?
  • How to start a pay per click campaign that will work?
  • How will you search for the right SEO specialist?
  • Is your website content optimized to get the best result?

Our SEO consultants will advise you how to make your website spider (Search Engine Robot) friendly, internet browser friendly, user friendly and code (HTML /Language Code) friendly.
We provide the appropriate solution to any problem you are facing with your project, marketing team, training and more.


SEO Outsourcing:

Now a days salaries are highly fluctuated due to the unstable employment rate in each country that makes the situation more critical for investors to employ more HR with higher salaries that eat up the yearly budget.

You may rent a dedicated server in order to host your website files, also you may acquire mail server in order to send newsletter and run an email campaign, or you may search for a freelancer to make you a website template or develop an application, but this is not an ultimate solution to your emarketing campaign, it takes much more than this and SEO Turn knows how to market your products & services through our dedicated SEO team.

SEO Turn will bring you ultimate solution to all your e-marketing needs by providing you dedicated SEO services team without having worries of managements, training, expenses and organizing as we are dedicating special units that are ready to work for you with power of marketing experiences under professional leadership of our SEO experts. This service is organized professionally to meet the client needs completely with full satisfaction.

We optimize the operation by providing you total number of hours needed each month and then divide them by the number of team members and provide you with the lowest rate. All the operations can be monitored from your own desk and a detailed daily report from each agent and a qualified report from our team leader is generated. You can increase number of agents and hours as you go based on the agreement and recommendations from our SEO experts.


SEO Project/Team Management:

You may now search in Google for SEO Services and you will find many offers and many packages claiming to give you No.1 ranking in Google, on very cheap rates. Definitely you will think and give a try after clicking on the sales page. However, you may end up by losing your money and time…Why?

Black hat SEO and dirty submissions may help in a short run (not more than a month) and then you will find your website blocked or penalized by most of search engines. We have more than 300 cases from clients that started to work with unknown SEO providers and I mean here SCAM organizations that focused on attracting SEO services seekers.

What we are offering here is to run your SEO campaign from your own desk!! Yes from your own place you will be able to run your SEO campaign easily by applying the standards, activities and our consultations. It's not training neither an online course rather it's team management. If you have a marketing team they need an SEO consultant or a team lead to tell them what, when and how to do each activity. We call this a complete SEO project as we work till we assure the quality of your team members and their ability to keep your growth rate up all the time.

We direct your team to implement your marketing plan with higher quality without wasting time in searching for hiring an SEO consultants with probability of success or a failure. With our 24/7 working team, it doesn't matter whether you are open or close, as we are always there to boost your business.


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