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SEO Application Development:

SEO Turn has experienced team of developers who are constantly improving the technology used in SEO. This includes different applications, modules, components, plug-ins etc to support SEO strategy.  A website application can be a "Component" or "Module" or "Widget" but all of them are combined in a website application. This application may be used inside or outside your website but not all of them can be used outside your website because of privacy. How?

E-Commerce: You know about it but you don't know how to manage it.  A good e-commerce system needs an application that gathers information on the sales processes and keeps all your statistics in a professional report. There are more than 100 shopping components over the web but each of them needs editing to be compatible with the services that you are providing or the products that you are selling. Don't forget that you need an application working 24/7 because you never know when a client will land on your selling page so the application must be reliable in design and functionality to provide a user greater satisfaction and here you will gain 40% more trust and credibility. This application shouldn't be added outside your website because it's just related to your unique selling activities; I mean that you should not add it in a blog or forum for example.

User Synchronization: Not all users like to sign up, and find it a boring procedure in all websites.  They only sign up for the commonly used daily sites like email or social media sites. This can make recession in your lead generation and number of leads that you should have. For the same reason, we can develop user synchronization application that gives the ability for users to sign in using Facebook account, Twitter account, Google account, Yahoo account or LinkedIn account. Here you will get all information required in your signing up process and it will be very simple for users at the same time.

Google Widget: Do you think that it's important for your website to appear in iGoogle? The answer here will be it depends on the decision of the each user but if your Gadget or Widget will add value to the page, they will add it without giving it a second though. How? A Google Widget is a simple application that imports feeds from your website and adds it in a small widget box in iGoogle that is used widely now over the web. In America one out of every five internet users, uses iGoogle. The widget may contain your news feeds, calculator, simple forums, blog feeds, simple gallery, questions and answers, simple game, Stock feeds, Forex Feeds etc etc, a lot of other ideas can be expressed in a Google Widget.

Web Directory Application: This can be used to list all companies with specific categories in your website.

Website Applications are unlimited, we can list thousands of them here and talk about them but it's more simple to find out what you really want to do with website applications than talking about them.

Facebook Application:

Facebook has became the largest and number 1 social networking site worldwide as it is the most secured community over the last 6 years. It keeps itself ahead in the competition all the time by innovation and maintains its ranking as one of the top three website worldwide. Many competitors tried to go through a challenge with Facebook but there is no way to compete this growth as it has became a market place and not just a social network. Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for any business to showcase itself on the net.

A Facebook application means that you are going to be communicating directly and indirectly with any one going to use this application. It's a branding power tool but it needs to be unlimited branding power tool in order to keep growing your sales and increasing your traffic. How?

  • Your Application must be unique and desired
  • A Facebook application needs continuous development in order to reach the highest quality level.
  • Adding features that can be used by users on Facebook like gifts, rates, chat
  • One survey each month should be enough to get satisfaction statistics
  • Simple design with color compatiblity with Facebook design
  • A messaging system in order to have a communication channel with its users
  • Availability to run your application from iPhone, iPad, Android and other smart phones
  • Your application must have a professional and impressive landing page that will contain your fans, comments, videos, images and your updates as well.

SEO Turn not only provides you with a Facebook application but keeps updating it regularly to maximize your sales and traffic. We generate unique application after researching and developing the right idea that is compatible with your business in order to reach the branding and advertising campaign that gets more than 3000 fans in the 1st month of launching the application.

Do you have a Facebook Page? If yes, how many fans do you have? Do all of them visit your website regularly? SEO Turn builds a professional and effective Facebook page for you that makes your brand stronger inside the greatest social network.

Web Applications:

SEO Turn is happy to help you with web 3.0 standards to meet the latest technologies on the web and online marketing activities. After buzz of web 2.0, web 3.0 has been started and you may know some examples of it like Bing search engine that was started with the aim to satisfy anyone searching inside the engine. Google also has applied the same technique to comply with latest technology.

Example: Let's search for "good American restaurant" after hitting the return key, the search engines will fetch all the possible results and answers. Without using a search engine you may write in the browser "good American restaurant" and the browser will look up the internet and will fetch also the possible answers and organize them for you. Any equation can be solved on your PC once you type all inputs and this means that you may need to enter more information because when computer understands what this data means, it can do intelligent search using reasoning and combing.

Web Applications solve here the issue of being compliant with web 3.0 as it divides your data (Content, Images, Videos, Blogs, Forums, News, Products, Maps) in a way that can be organized well in your website for easy navigation by crawlers and the users. Also its more than important to have linkage between your website and other social networks and this can be done through a simple application.

Here's a list of web application services that SEO Turn is proving currently:

  • Facebook Application
  • Website Application
  • MySpace Applications

Online Desktop Application:

Online desktop application compensates and saves your time to manage more than one tasks at the same time from your desktop, for example adding content, editing webpage, reading latest news, managing your website SEO and more.

Desktop Gadget:

Do you provide news services? Do you provide financial services? Do you have a blog? You may need to add in your website a "desktop gadget" that could be downloaded by your clients and installed in order to keep track of your latest news articles, latest posts or latest rates in financial markets.

SEO Turn provides you with simplicity and professionalism in your desktop application environment in order to make it friendlier for your website users.

Why you should have a desktop application?

  • To be visible to your clients all the time
  • Browsers may crash when users open more than one tab
  • Bigger widgets may not work effectively in browsers
  • You may need a consistent user interface
  • Ability to save any data on hard drives


Contact us now and discuss about your website's activities that can be implemented in desktop application.


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