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What are On-page SEO Techniques & What Do we Offer?

Anything which you do on the actual website pages to increase its effectiveness in SERP (Search Engine Result Placement) is called onpage SEO.  On-page SEO is not simply adding the meta description and meta keywords to each page but its rather a mixture of elements present on each page based on the page type and the targeted outcome of that page.

A list of elements and verifications will be added to each page which will make it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to understand the outcome and target of each page on your website and the search engine will index this page in their appropriate meta cloud, which will be pulled later during organic search process.

Using proper onpage SEO Techniques is the first step toward developing a seller website. In comparison to Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC) and other advertising campaigns, optimizing your website for search engines is absolutely the best way and a more consistent, cost effective solution to promote your business online.

We need only a few minutes of your time to have a look at the elements of on-page SEO Techniques that we use to get you ranked higher in search engines.

Keyword Analysis:

Setting your targeted marketing niche is the first step towards setting the keywords that visitor may use to find you and your competitors; it's not a must to use your competitors' keywords as they may use the wrong phrases in their SEO effort.

Our keyword analysis services helps you find:

  • The highly searched keywords in your business line (in Google, Yahoo and Bing) and what are the rates of conversion (ROC) for each keyword, also we add in the keyword analysis report the countries that are interested in each keyword.
  • The current keyword density in your content and our suggestions for improvement.
  • Competitors analysis with a list of keywords that are used by your competitors and how effective they have been for them.

Based on the keyword analysis, SEO Turn optimizes your landing page to get maximum leads through lead generation form.

SEO Turn does one complimentary free basic analysis of your website to give you a bird's eye view of your website standing. Once a formal contract is in place, our senior SEO consultants prepare a professional, more detailed keyword analysis report including further recommendations.


Meta Building & Sitemap:

Meta data is a set of elements the provide structured information to search engines about each page in your website, like elements that must be placed as tags in the head section of an HTML to make the crawler understand:
Content type

  1. Geographical information
  2. Content attribute
  3. Page title
  4. Keywords
  5. Description
  6. The robot status
  7. The directory status
  8. Robot verifications

The values of the Meta data may differ from one page to another depending on the keyword analysis & targeted outcome of each page.

Building the meta elements in your whole site will allow the crawlers to understand the attributes of your website, categorize the pages better and to index the pages fast.

A Sitemap is an XML file that includes all URLs in your website.  The common mistake done by most of the web-design companies and the webmasters is making the sitemap static with fixed links.  This means, if you add any link, a page, or a form later on, it will not actually be included in your static sitemap unless you reproduce it each time you create a new link. A sitemap should be dynamic and updated automatically for each page added, edited or removed in order to send alerts to search engines about the changed status of your website. Sometimes you may need to create more than one sitemaps for different categories on your website or to attract a search engine for certain pages faster.
Setting your sitemap is extremely important in getting your all links indexed by search engines quickly. No matter how big your website is, SEO Turn team helps you in building a validated XML dynamic sitemap that can be instantly submitted to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and ASK.


Internal Links:

Setting internal links is the most important tool in developing a user-friendly navigation, starting from the site menus placement till the anchor text linking inside the content of your website.

Setting up mnus and anchor text needs certain SEO expertise to make best use of internal linking for the search engines.  There are particular strategies to be used, SEO Turn team helps you to set the right navigation among the pages of your website in order to make it easy for the user to reach what they are searching for.

The Most Wanted Respond (MWR) is the page that you want a user to reach during his navigation, and we consider this while building the navigation of your website. The MWR can be the payment page, products page, services page or the page that you generate the leads from or the visitors contact information..  To avoid black-hat SEO, we use proper linking strategies and our in-house script that makes automatic internal linking using meta keywords.

Main purpose of internal linking is to make a friendly navigation for the end user, point search engines to deeper pages, and also to make a link network which is an important element of website optimization usually ignored by most of the SEO consultants.

Google and other search engines trace each link inside the sitemap and inside each page of your website as well, so even if you have missed a link in the sitemap but not missed in the link building, it will be indexed as well by crawlers.

Content Writing:

Even though everyone in SEO industry knows that "content is the king", the web is full of duplicated & poor quality content.  So we may say "unique content is the king" as it the most important SEO element for search engines to index and show your page during a search query.  It is also the most important element to increase the Rate of Change (ROC) that plays a big role in increasing the sales through your website. Google recently announced that it will put higher emphasis on the site which have more unique content than the shallow and low-content websites which are getting traffic only because of smart SEO Techniques.

At SEO Turn, we don't write for Google, we write for you and your website. An intersting content with proper keyword placement is a one shot for both search engine and your reader.

There are different aspects and rules editors must follow while writing an article, news, or any other type of content.  SEO Turn employs high-quality content writers who are versatile in their writing on various subjects.  Our human editors will helps you generate unique articles and SEO optimized content that will meet the search engine standards and the reader's satisfaction.

SEO Turn spends time in research to find the niches that you are targeting in order to synthesize original content and  give you the full copyrights of it, as whatsoever it is uniquely written for you. Following is the kind of content you will be needing for your SEO strategy:

  • Press Release: You need an effective press release for any productive change in your organization. Press Release (PR) is not just for a new product or service but it is also for each event you attend, each milestone you reach and each progressive step you take on your website or in your company. Your account manager from SEO Turn will keep a close look at your competitors in order to estimate what new technology/services are being advertised in the press for your business niche. 
  • Blogs: Pressing your news, articles, and other useful information in a blog is more than important for an effective SEO strategy and online marketing plan. A blog is a way to make your website fresh and up-to-date from Search Engines point of view. SEO Turn provides the service of updating your blog with regular new posts to make it stable on the 1st page in search engines.
  • Forums: The best way for indirect marketing that gives your website real backlinks (one way link) is sharing your views on different forums. A forum is also an effective tool in social networking and social media marketing that enhances the popularity of your brand. We have met many IT investors that preferred to discuss issues with clients through their forums more than discussing things over the mail or over the chat as it's a one-to-many tool which means that you are not talking to one person only but you are talking to all who are going to visit these threads. SEO Turn team is very professional in creating and maintaining the forums with the topic threads and information that encourages site users to sign up and contribute in the discussion and be your client after generating the right leads. Our R&D department is continously searching for high PR forums. We use this list to write about your business in appropriate categries.
  • Article Submission: It is a very critical tool in SEO for back-linking and proving your authority in your domain.  Many of article submission websites are looked to as spamming sites by search engines because they don't have valuable & unique information in their articles.  SEO Turn has chosen trusted article submission websites with high page rank and traffic.  Specific to your industry, we use certain article submission websites based on your products & services.  We do not use article submission software as it is considered a spamming tool and we do not encourage our clients to use it either. Simply put, if it was that affective, no one will use SEO companies to do article submission anymore.
  • Website Content: Your website content is a permanent footprint of the entire website lifecycle, so you must choose the right person that is going to write your static content as well as your dynamic content.  Search engines these days depend more on the actual content body of any page as opposed to meta information.  In fact with the recent changes in Google strategy, Google crawlers now don't index your meta keywords.  For the same reason, we give due consideration to writing effective website content that sells your brand before selling your product.  At SEO Turn we consider your clients as our own and our mission is to satisfy both you and your clients.

Website Speed Optimization:

One-two-three and the visitor is gone!!!

You must have read this statement on Alexa.com; "slow sites may be penalized by search engines".  Have you ever wondered why 3% of the total websites are successful websites and the rest are not?  Sometimes even top-notch SEO strategy and impressive online marketing plan may fail because of the small hidden obstacles which you do not normally see as you have never been informed of them.

Poor website speed performance is one of these hidden obstacles that you never observe and your webmaster is too busy to get attention to it.  When a search engine finds that your website is heavy and taking unusual time to load, you will be bounced down and may be eliminated from the search engine because there is nothing to be crawled. Optimizing website speed may take weeks as we test everything related to your website including deep into the website structure & code itself like:

  • Java Script, Ajax And CSS
  • Image size, resolution and dimensions can affect the speed of your website
  • Videos and Flash are the heaviest elements that must be optimized well to keep the right resolution following industry standards.
  • Cache: It's related to your hosting company but is required and must be maintained correctly
  • Components: Each component you have in your website will have a separate Java Scripts, CSS, Images, Ajax...etc. all of these elements must be complied with the basic code in your website
  • Viruses: Web viruses are not only malware files but they can also break into your website in the form of a code


SEO Turn technical team is here to resolve the speed optimization issue to make it reach at least 92/100 in all pages of your website. This will make it easier for both end user (your client) and search engines to find your website and open it quickly.

Meta Errors:

If your site is dynamic, content rich, have lots of pages and gets regular update, chances are that after submitting your sitemap in search engines certain meta errors will appear.  These meta errors need to be taken care of as you go along. Errors can be duplicating meta information between two or more links, missing description, duplicating between two or more descriptions, or wrong prefix in your sitemap.

Not all meta errors are visible to webmasters, and this is one form of the hidden obstacles we discussed earlier that must be realized, given proper attention, and resolved quickly. Some meta errors are only visible in browsers that use different languages than your website language, some of them appear in page coding, some of them are identified while submitting your website in Yahoo, and DMOZ directories, so its unlikely that a novice SEO consultant is able to figure out all the errors that you have right after building your site.

SEO Turn experienced team has sufficient experience in managing these meta errors. Reducing these errors will reflect positive change in search engines and your on-page SEO strategy.


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