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Off-Page SEO Services:

Off-page SEO is the most important aspect of any SEO strategy. Once approrpriate on-page search engine optimization is done, this is the time to increase your authority on other competitor websites by using the power of off-page SEO. Off-page SEO mainly depends upon the activities that you do outside your website to promote it, linking back to it and branding it on other sites on the internet. As unique content is the vital part of an on-page SEO strategy, link building is considered the most important aspect of an off-page SEO strategy.

Here is a brief of off-page SEO Service SEO Turn offers:

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmarking helps you in identifying your website in words among social media sites that share all information as soon as it is updated amongh themselves as well as the users. This technique is not used only for getting visits and getting back links but also for spreading your feeds, news and press releases as well as the latest development that you are doing in the products and services that your business is supplying.

Social Bookmarking also helps in the indexing process that may take days after submitting your sitemap, but with social bookmarking the process may take only minutes.

SEO Turn will not just submit all your website links in over 100 major social bookmarking websites but each link needs to be qualified to be submitted with qualified description and effective tags that make the link more clickable and more visible for users. Moreover SEO Turn helps you to identify the right category for your running business in order to be indexed in the right place in search engines and social bookmarking websites.  You need to understand that that this service doesn't depends on the quantity of websites that have your URLs but rather on the more qualified submission which in turn will generate more traffic and higher ranking in search engines.

The bookmarking service takes time based on the content of your website as it is not recommended to submit all you website in one go.


Link Building:

Talking about link building services is the same as talking about Google Page Rank. The question is why you need to have high page rank and the answer is to have a winning website among your competitors with higher reach from the targeted users.

Let your competitors ask "How did you do that?" after reaching high page rank because of the high quality back linking that are leading to your website. Successful back linking means 100 back links of high quality rather than 10,000 back links that are irrelevant and are from poor or low ranking website. Avoid spending your worthy time in non-effective directories and websites' submission and let us recommend you based on our research on what we are going to do for your website. SEO Turn Team is talented enough in choosing the right places to put your links that people in your industry are coming across every day.

Our strategy in all back links we are providing is "One Way Link, Follow" that means the link will have two features:

  • All links are indexed
  • One way links, that is, leading to your website without any link exchange

Many websites offer reciprocal links which is a not a very effective link building strategy. SEO Turn puts a lot of emphasis on linking strategy as this marketing tool provides you great help in improving your position in search engines and your page rank.
SEO Turn will link your website to the most popular sites related to your business and relative to your products and services using following:

  • Forums: sticky forum topics
  • Press Releases
  • Comments: In Relevant blog posts
  • Blog posts: writing about your products and services
  • Well known web directories
  • Profiles

Caution: Some people offer you a huge amount of links with almost at no cost, don't get trapped in such scams, either they are phony or the links are relevant and are submitted by robots anywhere they find a place.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is an important daily task in your off-page SEO strategy to be accomplished besides your sticky notes as it helps you find the targeted clients directly.  The role of a good social media marketing strategy is to present your company in a best possible way by sharing events, content, news, photos and videos. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the most powerful tool to get the right traffic.

SMM helps you to have an active conversation with your clients outside your website that makes your words easily spread through up-to-date dialogue with potential or existing customers.

SEO Turn professional team will promote your business in the social networks / communities and build quality inbound links, increase web traffic and give you more control over your brand image and corporate reputation by achieving the following:

  • Introducing your brand to related social networks and communities
  • Proposing online surveys
  • Creating tools like blogs, videos & podcasts to attract customers and prospects
  • Assessing your brand popularity by learning what customers are saying about your organization
  • Responding to potential customers professionally whenever needed
  • Developing interaction with bloggers
  • Developing widgets

Simply put, we connect you to your customers.

SEO Turn can custom build and implement a social media strategy for your organization.  If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Having a blog is like having a radio station or a TV channel that spreads your news, opinion, research, case studies, videos, events and other activities happening in your organization. Moreover blogging is a way to make your website up to date inside search engines and in RSS readers.

There are two main strategies to implement a blogging service for your organization:

  1. Using Free Blogging Sites: Here we use free blogging websites like Wordpress and Blogger (Blogspot) in order to build a blog for your organization.
  2. Developing Your Own Blog:  This can be a subdomain e.g, blog.yourdomain.com  or a directory yourdomain.com/blog. Some organizations also choose to have a separate domain for their blog activities.

No doubt, having a blog inside your website is way more professional than using a free blogging site.  That's the reason, respectable companies choose second strategy but this doesn't prevent you from having a free blog service that can refer to your domain or your blog eventually.

SEO Turn technical team helps you in building your very own blog and SEO Turn editorial team helps you with qualified writing strategies that make your blog more attractive for readers. You can decide the number of posts that you want each day or each week and our team will go through the process based on our agreement with you. Or you can choose one of the SEO packages we are offering.  SEO Turn team will not only write and publish but also will look into the technical side to your posts to make it more optimized for search engines.

Forum Building Services:

A forum is a message board that discusses topics of interest and depends upon quick and reliable replies. The difference between forums and blogs is that forums present a continued discussion about a case, product, services or opinion but blogs contains articles that are written to support or negate a certain topic for readers and internet surfers.

A "more active" forum means more discussion and more traffic. SEO Turn research and analysis team provides daily statistics about the most active forums that are related to various categories like, Technology Forums, Health Forums, Industrial Forums, IT Forums, Political & Economist Forums, Weight Loss Forums, and more. Based on our researchers recommendations, our editorial team starts to add a discussion related to your products and services in your niche and answers all relevant questions and add a link back to your website.

Can SEO Turn build my forum website? The Answer is yes; as we offer forum building services on SEO basis. SEO Turn suggests the appropriate forum script that can be installed based on your requirements and needs, then starts to feed it with relevant topics to attract more users online and answers all questions from members to keep it active and live.

Can SEO Turn add Adsense in my forum website? Yes, we do provide adsense management services and teach you how to reach a high profit rate from it by identifying the right places, right look and SEO optimized replies.

Forums are very important to your business as they provide direct marketing and promotions as well as permanent link building that makes your marketing strategy more effective.

SEO Turn qualified team is expert enough to avoid forum spamming, repeating, and irrelevant replies by adding a valuable discussion board with valuable information that can't be considered as spam.

Webiste Submission Services:

Your website must be submitted and indexed in the top search engines. This makes the SEO work easier as your site can then appear in results faster for low-competition keywords.

Our submission strategy will help you to index your website in top 5 Search engines and multiple directories that are top ranked. Before submission, SEO Turn team makes a full SEO report about your website to make sure that you are using the right keywords within your meta tags. SEO Turn offers free search engine registration to 3 top search engines using an automated service that is fast and very easy to use.

We provide a manual submission in order to make sure the accuracy of information submitted in each search engine and each directory. Our submission services are performed in accordance with the guidelines established by each search engine and directory.

Following is a list of our basic requirements for website submission as not all the websites meet the following requirements:

  1. Your site must contain at least 10 Pages
  2. Good quality meta title, keywords, and description
  3. Sitemap
  4. RSS Feeds

Even if you are not ready with the above basic requirements, SEO Turn can help you reach minimum basic level in order to have a right and professional website submission.
We don't use software or bulk submission as it can be harmful for your website.

Social Multimedia:

Social media optimization is a strategy for sharing media resources over social networks, blogs, bookmarks, video websites and other places that allow uploading videos. A lot of people have succeeded in ranking their websites using this strategy as it has a great marketing effect.

We call this strategy "Digital Online Marketing" as we use the digital media in all our marketing tools. Producing Videos that rock and make high sales requires marketing and multimedia experience. This means producing a video that is really attractive and encompasses all the attributes of your sales pitch in a short period of time giving brief of your product and/or service. SEO Turn helps you with not only submission but also creating free of cost advertising videos.

SEO Turn submits your video to top multimedia websites, blogs, forums, social networks with a link back to your website. Once the video is spread and optimized carefully, people start sharing the video among each other and at that point we can assure that your video has achieved the viral effect of the strategy.

SEO Turn consultants help you identify what is required to run a digital marketing campaign for your products. Also, our marketing team is professional enough to spread your videos across the webe and make it reach to your targeted niche

Contact our consultants today and get a professional strategy for your digital marketing needs!


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