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Arabic SEO Services:

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are putting a lot of emphasis on regions and languages due to high visit statistics in local search engines, thats why you see now Google in different languages including Arabic. As the focus of global business is changing its direction to the Middle East, there are a lot of multinationals who are opening their branches in the Middle East & Arabic countries.  Moreover, the local businesses also need professional SEO services in Arabic language – the need of Arabic SEO is becoming overwhelming!

Keeping in view the need of the market and realizing lack of competent Arabic SEO companies, SEO Turn has put considerable amount of resources in establishing Arabic SEO unit which is serving Arabic websites not only across the Middle East but also global Arabic websites.  Search Engine Optimization techniques stay the same with the change of language, however, one needs to be smart enough in writing great Arabic content and placing it to the right places on the internet. With SEO Turn experienced team, we can setup a complete branding for your Arabic website including on-page Arabic SEO and off-page Arabic SEO. We can take care of the whole cycle of your business starting with a catchy Arabic logo till the branding of your product/service through search engines.

Arabic SEO service to meet SEO requirement for Arabic sites

Arabic SEO is the growing phenomenon these days due to increase in globalization. Global push has created a lot of opportunities for Multilingual SEO in order to target the untapped market. If we talk about Search Engine Optimization in Arabic, we must see the statistics of growing Arabic population on the internet. Arabic SEO Services can cater for the population of more than 325 million Arabs, comprising of 24 countries. Arabic SEO will possibly provide your business an edge over all other competitors which are operating around you. The best way to use Multilingual SEO is to optimize your website by a professional SEO Company like SEO TURN.


Need for Arabic SEO Services:

  • Cultural acceptance: Doing online business can be tricky when you are targeting a multilingual audience. Your content might be a good resource but language barrier can take you apart from your prospective clients. Doing Arabic SEO will attract the audience which is growing day by day. In 1998, the internet growth rate in Arabic consumers increased by 97%, which shows the importance of the Arabic SEO. Multilingual SEO can break the cultural barrier because now you are localizing your services depending upon your clients’ needs.
  • Gold Mine in your hand: Choosing Arabic SEO is even more beneficial if you are doing a online business because of the internet growth in Arabic countries. Currently 56 Million Arabic people are using internet, and this amount will increase to 82 Million in 2013. Arabic SEO Services will help you targeting this huge market by making changes in website design, structure, and content according to Arabic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools & techniques. This will also generate huge interests in the market because of affordability pattern of Arabic people. People are rich and they do have spending power as well, but research says that a good amount of Arabs do not like to read English, so you must not miss the golden opportunity to target this segment using high quality Arabic SEO Services.

How Arabic SEO is different from SEO in English?

Arabic SEO Services are different from English SEO services because of difference in writing requirements. In Arabic SEO, you will have to optimize website by looking at keywords which are pertinent to Arabic language. The Google search engine spiders read from left to right but in case of Arabic SEO that rule changes, because in case of Search Engine Optimization in Arabic, Google will read the content from right to left. Therefore, keyword selection and content writing become trickier than usual practice.

English is the global language, therefore the selection of domain name, keywords and content will depend upon generalized research. In case of Arabic SEO, you must have to localize the search since Arabic is not the preferred language for everyone. Search Engine Optimization in Arabic will require the intelligent choice of keywords plus the right use of social media. Article submissions, social media marketing, and commenting must be in accordance to Arabic SEO needs. Original Arabic content is the key in order to achieve maximum results for your website. Translated (or poorly translated) content will not benefit you in the long run.

Should you require further assistance in Arabic SEO services, please contact us and we will be happy to offer our help to promote your business in Arabic language. For further information, please download our Arabic SEO services brochure in Arabic language.


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