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SEO Turn offers professional SEO Services to maximize traffic on your site for targeted keywords. We provide search engine optimization for SME's and large corporate clients. Our team has experience of managing SEO for sites that have several thousand indexed pages and hundreds of target keywords on tens of URLs. This multiple site experience puts us in a position to develop a long-term strategy for your site which is search engine penalty proof, as we use only ethical SEO services. All our SEO Services are transparent and we generate regular reports for the work we do for our clients, if requested. All on-page SEO services are done taking the client in confidence and building a strategy that is best for the business niche.

What Benefit My Site Gets if I Use SEO Services?

What Benefit My Site Gets if I Use SEO Services?Using SEO services is the cheapest way to get sales lead and the long run. Here are few benefits you will get if you use SEO Services to promote your site.

  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Generate qualified leads through targeted traffic
  • Increase your site authority in the eyes of search engines
  • Increase SERP (Search Engine Result Placement) in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.
  • Increased ROI (Return on Investment) as by getting in top results, you get clicks that you don't pay to Google. Also statistics say, 75% of the visitors click on organic results rather than Google ads. Once you got a prominent position in top results, this is a gold mine for you (if your keyword is producing good traffic and you have good conversion rate)
  • As opposed to running ads, your SEO effort is there round the clock and not depending on paying ad agency to get clicks. With a minimal maintenance effort, you can keep your ranking for ever and get regular leads.

Why SEO Turn?
SEO Turn is as old as Google is. We are providing SEO Services since 2003 and we understand how Google and other search engines evolved over time. Based on our close experience with Google, and tweaking our strategies based on Google algorithm over the past several years, we understand quite well how SEO is going to be done right now at any given time. Every time, when Google changes algo to penalize bad guys, our sites get even better ranking as we always use ethical and pure white SEO techniques and measurable link building with strong on-page content optimization. We keep analysing the links we developed so we make sure none of our linking sites lost its authority on link devaluation in search engines, particularly Google.

Above all, we are always transparent when it comes to SEO Services. We provide weekly and monthly reports to our clients that can be verified and all parties have a common understanding. We don't mind working along with your in-house or an SEO consultant as we have nothing to hide and we always provide fair reporting of what we do to your site.

Because of the in-house technical team, we are able to have a thorough analysis of the sites we are doing SEO before starting any work to make sure nothing is against Google webmaster guidelines. We follow GWM regularly to make sure all pages are getting indexed properly, sitemaps are working right, no crawler or technical errors and verifying your site authority regularly.

We also have a large team of high quality content writers that are at your service either for a high quality website copy or for quality blog posts for your site. We DO NOT use spun content or syndicate content to several sites, each content is used only once by our team. We have the ability of producing thousands of unique content every day so we are never short of words to use spinning.

SEO Services in Depth:

SEO Turn provides a wide range of SEO Services that can help grow your site popularity and traffic exponentially over the long run. A brief description of our main SEO services is given below. Please click on read more to have details of each service.

On-page SEO Services: On-page SEO involves META tags writing, content, technical analysis, URL structure, internal linking, keyword tags, keyword density, site speed, code clean-up and many other small tasks to make your site readable and clean for search engines. Read More...

Off-page SEO Service: Off-page SEO involves sitemap creation and submission, directory submission, and other link building services to boost your site's authority. Read More...

Arabic SEO Services: SEO Turn provides search engine optimization, content writing and link building services for Arabic sites through our Middle East office in Cairo, Egypt. Read More...

SEO Web Design & Development: We provide web designing and development services for our SEO clients to make sure that your website follows guidelines that search engines want.. Read More...

SEO for Joomla CMS: We have expert in-house team of creating CMS sites using Joomla or Wordpress which are the best CMS for SEO. We have our own modules and plugins for Joomla and Wordpress to help you in your sites URL structure, META tags and overall SEO needs. Read More...

SEO Consulting Services: We provide SEO consultation services for individual or SEO companies based on project needs. Consultation could be managed from project to project or just a single site to get you the best strategy for your SEO campaign. Read More...

SEO Turn offers unique approach in offering SEO Services. For the convenience and the comfort of our customers, we offer both off-the-shelf SEO packages as well as tailor-made specifically customized SEO Services based on your budget, business need and niche market. Both SEO-services packages and customized SEO services solution have their own unique advantages. Following is a brief of advantages of each approach that should make the process of choosing an SEO service easier based on your needs.

Corporate Branding Using SEO:
SEO Turn offers fully tailor-made and customized SEO solutions to large enterprise and corporate clients. Customized solutions are developed taking in confidence the owner of the business through regular meeting, research and mutual feedback. It is then that our senior SEO expert drafts an initial proposal of customized SEO services for branding your company. The advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Extensive research & analysis of the business and competition
  • Day to day monitoring and tweaking of the solution offered
  • Regular and on-demand reports of current status
  • Our SEO team becomes an integral part of your marketing strategy with long-term effectiveness and planning

Need a Quick Push?
SEO Turn offers three pre-defined SEO packages. Each package has its unique advantages based on the level of service you require. The advantages of choosing an SEO package are as follows:

  • Affordable & Cost effective
  • Targeted to the level of service you require for your website
  • Fixed deliverables
  • Pay as you go
Read more about our SEO Packages here.

SEO Turn offers full range of SEO Services under one roof. Please feel free to contact us for a free SEO proposal for your website by submitting evaluation form on the right side bar or use our Contact us page and send us your queries.


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