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Pricing of our SEO Services

It’s not common that you see SEO prices on an SEO Company website. There are several reasons why SEO companies don’t mention the price of their SEO services in black and white. Two major reasons why you will not see SEO price listing are as follows:

  • SEO Pricing is relative, so it can differ greatly based on your domain, URLs, keywords, on-page, age, geography, PR of the site, competition and traffic that keyword gets, so it’s normally not easy to give a set pricing.
  • SEO companies don’t want to show how cheap or costly they are so they can charge you based on how rich (or naive) you are.

We have been running SEO Company since 8 years now. The cost of doing SEO in 2004 was much less than doing it in 2010. After Google Panda updates and more stress on quality content and writing needs, SEO cost went up in 2011. In 2012, after Google cracked down on major blog networks, paid links and other means of getting quick links including automated links, it has become quite time-consuming to get natural-looking links that can bypass Google’s microscopic eyes. Also a lot of effort needs to be placed now to get generic anchor texts and brand (URL) links along with maintaining the exact match anchors. All this has almost doubled the time spent on doing SEO; and time in an SEO effort equals to money if you are relying upon FTEs and not the robots or scripts.

Having said that, we cannot give you an exact figure of how much it is going to cost you for the SEO of your site. However, we are sharing with you the formula which we use to estimate cost for our clients as given below. We also offer some off-the-shelf SEO Packages that can give you an insight of our pricing. Before you sign up with us, we will prepare a plan with exact monthly cost based on number of keywords and competition.

Here are the factors that we keep in mind while calculating our SEO pricing:

  • Domain Name (exact match keyword or not)
  • Domain Age (if domain is less than 6 months old, forget it)
  • Keyword Competition (higher the competition is, higher the effort it needs to rank high, so higher the pricing will go)
  • Keyword Traffic (higher the traffic is, higher number of sites are targeting for that keyword, making it more competent to outsmart those sites, so the SEO prices will increase)
  • How many links your top three competitors got for that exact keyword.


Option 1: SEO Pricing Based on Keywords:

Based on above factors, here is an estimate that you can use as a base to have an idea of how much it is going to cost you for your SEO work with SEOTURN. To get a more exact cost, please fill in our quotation form on the left side for a no-obligation, free quote.

Scenario 1: (I need a good push)
Major Factors Status Points
Keyword Competition 1 out of 1 10
Site PR (Page Rank) 0-1 10
Number of Pages indexed in Google 10-20 10
Domain Age 6 months to 1 Year 10
Exact Monthly Searches (Global) More than 30K 20
Irrelevant Domain Name Yes 10
Current Ranking Not in top 50 results 10
Current Linking Domains 0-10 10
Top Competitor Domain Links* More than 50 10
Total Points (Keyword Strength) 100
SEOTURN constant (cost factor)** 5
Price Range (per keyword per month) constant x points $500.00


Scenario 2: (I am doing okay)
Major Factors Validity Points
Keyword Competition 0.25 - 0.50 5
Site PR (Page Rank) 3-5 5
Number of Pages indexed in Google More than 100 5
Domain Age More than 5 years 5
Exact Monthly Searches (Global) Less than 5K 5
Irrelevant Domain Name Exact Match 0
Current Ranking Not in top 50 results 5
Current Linking Domains 0-10 5
Top Competitor Links* More than 50 5
Total Points (Keyword Strength) 40
SEOTURN constant (cost factor)** 5
Price Range (per keyword per month) constant x points $200.00

* Average number of linking domains (exact anchor) to top three sites ranking for that keyword.

**SEOTURN constant is calculated using our internal algorithm based on the cost of our monthly FTE’s, overheads & amount of effort required to sustain and increase SERP for our existing clients. Cost factor is different for each company, so the final price range could vary from company to company based on your overheads and other running expenses. For example our cost factor was 2.75 before the recent Google Panda updates (Feb 2012).

EXCEPTION: Customers ordering more than 10 keywords will have special bulk pricing as it reduces our cost factor. Please contact us for a quote.

Important Notes:

  • Minimum 3 keywords to start working
  • One time on-page SEO fee ($50 per page including METAs, technical analysis, unique content and keyword density)


Sites we DO NOT do SEO for:

  • Porn sites
  • Gambling sites
  • Drugs and pharma sites
  • Weight loss sites
  • Sites less than 6 months old
  • Hotel & Flight Booking Sites (it’s a little too late)
  • Sites other than TLDs (Top Level Domains)
  • All other sites that have racial or religious discrimination, or have an overall negative impact on the society.


Option 2: Dedicated Team


After recent Panda and Penguin updates, the old SEO techniques are not as useful as they used to be. Now ranking is more relative to your page authority and the quality of the site itself. This requires more research in your niche and more relevant, related, and quality links that look purely natural. If your business mainly runs on SEO and investment in your SEO marketing can bring reasonable ROI, then a dedicated team is the most cost effective and the best way to have a full time dedicated team working exclusively on your site(s), mastering your niche providing measurable results. You can grow this team as your business grows. The pricing structure for dedicated team is as follows:

USD 2000$ One dedicated full time person on your site

USD 5000$ Team of 3 dedicated SEO including one team lead

USD 7000$ Team of 5 dedicated SEO including one team lead

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that we don’t run Google so we don’t provide any guarantees of ranking or timelines. We have 99% success rate for our existing clients for getting them to first page of Google (particularly the top 3 results) for highly competitive keywords. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t bind you contractually to stay with us for a specific period of time, so you can have a free hand to see how your ranking is going on a monthly basis and can decide whether or not to continue with our service. So we don’t get paid unless you are satisfied, as simple as that. We normally suggest a time period of 3 months for less competitive keywords and 6 months for highly competitive keywords to show results.

On a positive note, we are very transparent on what we do. We do involve you in the whole process of SEO strategy and provide you with regular ranking reports and other on-site or off-site (link-building, social media etc) efforts we are doing, so you are actually following the whole SEO process very closely and have full control on what’s happening. We can also involve your webmaster or in-house SEO in the process so you have an internal source for work reporting.


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