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Google Adwords/Adsense:

What is the difference between Google adwords and banner advertising?

Google adwords is to maximize the traffic source coming from Google search engine when users search for a keyword related to your business. The difference is that you can control the type of traffic by:

  • Country
  • Time
  • Keyword
  • Price

SEO Turn is a Certified AdWords qualified company as we have been working with Google AdWords since 2003 and we are going to manage all aspects of your Google AdWords account starting from identifying the aims of your campaign till the tracking of the clicks coming from the Google Adwords inside your website.

Why should you choose us to run your Google Adword campaign?

The main target from Google Adwords is to generate high sales through high conversion rate and this does not come by simply starting a campaign. SEO Turn first assess your website and builds a professional landing page to start receiving traffic and converting it to leads and potential sales. Moreover, SEO Turn selects magical sentences to be written in your Adwords that are parallel to the phrases written in your landing page in order to run attention once the user clicks on the Ad.

Our consultants are working continuously in providing you with reports and recommendations that run your campaign more efficiently until you reach the required sales targets. Our experienced SEO team finds you the optimum solution that can be easily implemented with no limitations.


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