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Email Marketing:

There are more than 100 email services over the web, what this means is that there are more than 100 web mail services that can send your newsletter or promotional emails to your customers. However, there is a great difference between email services and email marketing.

Email marketing services start from lead generation, through a newsletter registration form, request a quote form, purchasing order form, event alert form or other forms that generate name and email addresses. SEO Turn team is experienced in adding lead generation forms inside specific places in your website in order to get more subscribers and more leads as this is the first step to start email marketing campaign. Our research shows that 70% of online users don't like to register in more than 3 or 4 websites as they have already gotten bored from too many registrations. So there must be a professional plan that makes it possible for many users to subscribe and register inside your website, how? If the user understands that they will get only valuable information from registration, they will do it. If users find themselves in a safe subscription system without any kind of spamming they will subscribe to your newsletter, alerts and other form of communication from your site and this is our job to make it happen.

The second phase of email marketing is a simple, catchy newsletter template that should consist of:

  • Latest news and press releases
  • Latest case studies for products and services
  • Timely promotions
  • Latest events
  • Tips & tricks
  • Website navigation

Merging the above parts will be different from a template to other and it is all based on your business requirements. SEO Turn takes care of the strategy and takes best decision on how your newsletter should look like and what should be included in the mail.

We offer premium template and advanced subscription system to prevent spamming of your email addresses as SEO Turn sends your email using international trusted email servers that never reach in junk or end up as spam.


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