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Advertising Campaigns - Paid Advertisement:

Are you searching for great sales growth and high traffic with high conversion rate? Are you paying too much for less traffic and low sales? Are you seeking short term branding?

Advertising campaign services will allow you to get high traffic with high conversion rate as we carefully choose the websites that should have your advertisements. SEO Turn carries over a decade experience in advertising and web marketing and is willing to help you solve the advertising mistakes that 80% of advertisers fall into.

SEO Turn runs the advertising campaign based on researches and standards that make your campaign more effective and professional enough to reach your target using following:

  • We find you the right place for advertising
  • We choose the eye catching parts in each website
  • We build Flash, GIF, JEPG and script banners with right size that attract and grab attention
  • We carefully write the sentences that generate sales
  • We optimize your landing page in order to maximize output from generated leads
  • We estimate the quality of each ad banner and build reports from the day one
  • We generate and follow surveys to give you feedback about your products and services
  • Our emarketing experts follow up with you on your growth and send you recommendations during the campaign period.


With SEO Turn you will have effective and efficient advertising campaign by applying the above processes as we do not just publish ads on websites but we employ system that estimates the overall process of your advertising cycle.


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