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A question often asked is what's the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization? These are some of the basic terminology and industry jargons that may lead to confusion by simple internet users. Here is a very simple way to keep things straight and in their proper lanes. Internet Marketing is a broad term that involves all types of marketing using internet, whether it is SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (search engine marketing). Search Engine Optimization is the type of internet marketing where you depend on "organic results" and you don't pay search engines to show your results on the top or the left column during a search query. Organic results are the results that appear generically by search engine's algorithm based on competence of your website content and your website authority, where search engines believe that this site should rank first using right SERP.

Search Engine Marketing is mixture of SEO & PPC. Search Engine Optimization increases your SERP (Search Engine Result Placement) organically by doing on-page and off-page optimization, whereas Pay Per Click Marketing involves placing your website ads online and paying searching engines for your keywords.

On the other hand, non-organic results are the one which appear on the top bar or on the right hand column (sometimes left) by the search engines themselves, because you paid them to be appeared for a certain keywords searched by internet users. You can pay actually fortune if you are targeting high competency keywords. A click can cost you up to 20 bucks. In the past, some SEO Companies used to create confusion between PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing & organic results. I remember few years backs a company scammed quite a good amount of money by offering people to appear on the first page of Google within 7 days by paying just around 50 USD. The reality was that they paid half the money in PPC Advertising campaigns and saved rest of the half for certain keywords, and the user was happy to appear on the first page of Google in just "no time". My advice, if anything appears to be "to good to be true" then chances are that there is something wrong.

We are not against Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), but that is neither a cost-effective, nor a long-term solution. Moreover, statistics show that over 70% of the people depend on organic results for what they are looking for on the net than the paid ones. One of the advantages of organic traffic through search engine optimization is that once you start appearing in top results, you can keep the position with a little regular effort instead of paying a huge monthly sum to appear in Pay Per Click Marketing. If your website is already doing good in SERP and you want to keep your keyword positions in search engines, you can use our monthly package of professional SEO Services to keep yourself ahead of your competition.

SEO Turn can help you implement best strategy for online branding using a mixture of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing mainly depending on organic traffic using proven search engine optimization techniques rather than SEM. For highly competitive keywords, sometimes we may take advantage of SEM, but our long-term strategy is always based on organic traffic. Use SEO Turn competent team and make your website a "seller website"

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