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SEO Turn takes pride in understanding the internet. Today millions of people use internet for their work, leisure or personal use, hence it has become the largest market place in the world which is open to anyone who has access to the internet. Internet marketing needs a deep understanding of buyers behavior, vendors offering and traffic usability. At SEO Turn, we have expert team with over 10 years of experience in both direct and indirect internet marketing. Internet marketing can be done through search engines, paid advertising, or reaching targeted customers. Whatever way you want to promote your products on the net, we have got the ways to do that. We do not use forged email marketing lists, neither we recommend that, as it often brings more harm than benefit. We use legitimate ways to make yourself prominent in search results or can find you an affordable paid advertisement option. Please check our SEM/PPC section for more details.


Internet Marketing Basics:

If you are new to the internet marketing world and searching for som basic internet marketing tips & tricks, then you have reached the right place. SEO Turn was started with an aim of educating normal web users on the importance of online marketing, internet Marketing strategies and techniques. Take your time and explore our knowledge rich website and SEO articles that contain detailed information on internet marketing, right strategies and the professional SEO services that best suit your business.

What is internet marketing anyway? The simplest definition would be to market your products & services, branding your company, or yourself (if you are a talented artist for example), using the power of internet. Yes you heard it right "the power of internet". Couple of decades back, if you had talked about internet marketing, it might have been taken as a joke, but today when 1,966,514,816 people (at the time of this writing) are using internet worldwide with a growth rate of 445% during the last ten years, it's no joke anymore. Agreed that a lot of people are using internet for fun, but there is a huge population which is using internet to find your products and your services.


Internet Marketing is the ultimate solution for marketing your products & services to millions of regular internet users. If you can use right internet marketing strategies and services, you are going to win the war of online branding and website promotion, generate constant leads and get benefit of "inbound marketing" which is way more powerful than "outbound marketing"

Worldwide web is full of internet marketing companies, but what decides who is a real "internet marketer"? Well, here you will need to consider few things. Nobody runs Google except Google itself. Even thought there are SEO best practices, still there are a lot of discrepancies in internet marketing strategies from one company to another. Search engines are changing the way they work continuously to improve their efficiency and to help internet user who are using internet as a marketing tool. There is no such thing called "cheap internet marketing", as quality doesn't come cheap. There are no guarantees as far as internet marketing is concerned, but there are proven results, track records and client testimonials. Internet marketing is not a rocket science, but rather a powerful e-marketing strategy that needs a right understanding of your business and a right solution which was not developed using a custom script, but it was developed by involving "you". Whatsoever someone claims being the best internet marketing company, they still have to depend on you as you are the one who understands "your" business way better than we do.

At SEO Turn, we develop strategies for Internet Marketing by involving "you" in the process. Once we get all the "right" information from you, we build a right proposal for your business and offer professional SEO services which will increase your ranking in search engines, distinguish your brand on the internet and generate continuous leads for you to satisfy ever growing online customers community.

If you want to expand globally, then internet marketing should be your first choice. Contact us today and we will devise a complete internet marketing strategy for your business based on your subject specialty and our internet marketing expertise.

Internet Marketing for Newbies

This is a novice guide for newbies who want to understand the concept of internet marketing. This section will also help you if you are planning to promote your website and want to use the power of internet to give your business a boost. Learning the following techniques and information will help newbies and the business owners on how to choose a "right internet marketing strategy". This section details some proven methodology and techniques to use the power of internet to market your brand.

Basic Concepts of Internet Marketing:

Here are some basic concepts which you need to understand thoroughly before you enter into the world of internet marketing.

  • Internet is made up of a huge database of web-pages and content called world wide web.
  • There are millions of regular internet users who are using internet for fun, education, learning and business.
  • Search engines are the websites/engines that help a user find the best possible results based on the keywords out of millions and billions of pages on the world wide web.
  • Your site is a collection of pages among the millions of other pages offering similar products or services.
  • There are internet users out there who are searching exactly what you have to offer.
  • Internet marketing is the art (some say it a science) of connecting these users with your products.

Internet Marketing Process:

Now as you have a clearer idea of internet marketing concepts, follow these simple steps to create or revise your internet marketing business strategy.

  • Think of the best words that explain your business, shorter and precise.
    Example-1: You want to sell Nokia mobile phones, you don't have a physical location and you will sell mainly through the net.  The phrase that best describes your business would be "Buy Online Nokia Mobile Phones".
  • Once we got the main theme of your business, next step would be to reserve a domain name (www.yourdomainname.com) . The best practice for domain name is that it should be short, catchy, keyword rich, .com, and relevant to your business. These days finding a suitable domain name is almost impossible for a new business, so a little longer domain name with some modification will work.  The best choice in our opinion would be www.buynokiaonline.com (taken at the time of this writing). So either you can go for .net domain or make certain modifications to reach the same goal, for example www.shopnokiaonline.com (available at the time of this writing)
  • Now when you have got a domain name which is one of the most important step to have online presence and start internet marketing, next thing would be to develop a search engine optimized website. Use the information "a step by step guide to search engine optimization" (see above). Website could be as simple as HTML pages or a content management system (CMS), there are lots of free CMS available on the web to choose from.

    "Remember give and take rule. You must offer something to your visitors or internet users to visit your site or subscribe to your email newsletter, it could be a bonus coupon, free ebook, or some interesting articles which they cant miss"

    • Once you got a decent web presence and SE-Optimized website, now it's time to promote this website either through organic traffic or inorganic. Organic traffic is what you achieve through on-page optimization and off-page optimization techniques. Inorganic traffic is what you achieve through search engine marketing (SEM). Both have their own advantages, but we prefer organic traffic over SEM, because it is less expensive in the long run, lasts longer and gives more power to your business.
    • Another important component of an internet marketing strategy is using the email marketing. You will need a little research on the web to find relevant contact information whom you can send offers periodically. You will need to develop a weekly or monthly newsletter where people can subscribe to learn the latest offers from your company. If a user does not want to receive your offers, you must add an "unsubscribe" button to your all outgoing emails or else you would be spamming.
    • You can also use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, relevant directories and forum to right useful information for your readers which in terms brings them back to your website for further information.
    • Last but not least, you can chose any form of pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing if your budget allows. PPC is the form of marketing where people see your adds on different search engines and other affiliate networks and you pay for each click or for each impression you get from a unique visitor.
    "After you setup a successful internet marketing campaign, don't forget to use tools to measure your success. Google Webmaster Tools is the best free option you can use to evaluate your internet marketing success"



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