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SEO TurnSEO (Search Engine Optimization) Turn is a national company with multinational presence.  SEO Turn started its business in 2003, at the time Google was dominating the search engine war.  We initially started a team of SEO experts, technical team, developers, designers and emarketing specialists to develop & promote our own line of business (multiple sites).  Our team did a great job, and within two years of working on our own sites, we discovered a lot of stuff that we thought would be useful to share with our other clients who are in the similar situation and want to promote their website and brand.

We are proud to say that we are not a one-man show company and we are not a company run by amateurs, neither we are a company who is trying some tricks learned through the plenty of SEO material available online for free.  We are a professional company who learned the real SEO techniques by practicing and applying it to our own and our associates businesses.  The hurdles we faced initially developing a strong SEO team and getting right information made us believe that it is our ethical obligation to pass this onto whoever wants to do website promotion and wants the right people at first time instead of experimenting with amateurs and online scammers which not only eats up the budget organizations are putting for online marketing, but at the same time makes it difficult for professional companies like us to regain the trust of such decent clients.

I promise you that we are not only going to make your website stand out in the competition for your niche, but we are also going to educate you enough to understand what’s happening with your website and right from wrong so when you need to compare the service, you know whom to trust.

Currently SEO Turn has physical presence in the Middle East (Egypt), Asia (Pakistan), Europe (UK), and USA so the clients can contact directly our office and get their work done in a more friendly and secure environment rather than a virtual office.


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