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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After the recent Panda and Penguin changes (Feb-April 2012), the SEO strategy has changed altogether. The old SEO methodology doesn't work anymore and more emphasis is on quality and on-page rather than quantity. Based on the new developments, we have updated our SEO strategy as well. Please read more about recent changes and how it affected the SEO at our blog www.seojunky.com . What this means to our clients is that now we recommend dedicated team for each client so they can specialize in particular niche and get maximum benefit of relevant off-page optimization including social signals.


SEOTURN is a professional SEO Company that uses Google guidelines to develop a proper quality website that is search engine friendly. We have been providing search engine optimization since the inception of Google itself. Our in-depth knowledge of search engines, particularly Google makes us unique from other SEO companies available on the net. Search Engine Optimization has been evolved during the last 8 years enormously and we have been the part of this evolution from the start.

Here is a good short video from Google engineer Matt Cutts on how to increase your visibility in Google:

While providing SEO to our clients we also offer unique learning experience for them so they understand well what is SEO and how it is going to impact their future internet marketing strategy. Unlike many other SEO companies, all our work is transparent and we are always there to make our clients understand what we are doing and why we are doing this. As an SEO Company, we take full responsibility of our work and feel it our moral duty to train our clients so they understand well what they should be expecting from us and how the optimization process goes. If you are new to SEO, here is link to give you more details on what is SEO

Online Branding:

We also provide online branding for your business using social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkdIn, Twitter, Youtube etc and establishes your presence on the internet using blogging, micro-blogging & web 2.0 properties. Social media networking sites, generate regular leads to your website and bring you the target customers which are interested in your business through your social activity on the internet, this is what we call inbound marketing. This is how you are going to collect database of internet users who are interested in your products and are potential customers. Such networking brings you opt-in subscribers and is the base of online marketing which is much effective than buying unsolicited email lists and databases from the net, which in most of the cases, end up in Junk/Spam folder and is illegal as declared by CAN-SPAM Act.


What Do We Offer?

SEOTurn is a premium Search Engine Optimization company focussing on all kinds of SEO needs for SMEs & large corporates. We are specialised in multilingual sites' SEO and our reputed list of clients speaks for our quality of work. Not do we offer the reliable SEO to build your rank in search engines, but we also offer technology that helps in proper technical optimization of your website. Here is a short list of what we offer:

  • On-page optimization (including copy writing & content writing)
  • Off-Page optimization through ethical link building and increasing site authority
  • Arabic SEO (through our Middle East Office)
  • Technical optimization (Website layout, URL structure, CSS, design & recommendations)
  • SEO for CMS like Joomla, WP (Wordpress), Drupal etc
  • SEO Managed Services
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC, & banner advertisement etc.



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